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Congratulations to the Faret Group for winning the vice president unit of Shatou Street Chamber of Commerce

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?Faret Group won the vice president unit of Shatou Street Chamber of Commerce

Congratulations to Faret for winning the honorary title of "Shahead Street Chamber of Commerce Vice President Unit". The fact that Faret is awarded such a honour is the government's recognition of us, affirming that Faret is at the forefront of the industry and support for the safe operation of Farada!

On the evening of March 21, 2019, the inauguration ceremony and charity night event of the "Shatou Street Chamber of Commerce's 4th First Member Conference" held by the Shatou Street Chamber of Commerce in Panyu District was held in Shatou Street Cultural and Creative Park.


By adhering to fair competition, operating with integrity, and adhering to innovation, the Faret Group actively promotes technological innovation and management innovation of enterprises; implements the “One Belt, One Road” strategy and contributes to the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry. The affirmation of the Guangzhou Municipal Government won the honorary title of the vice president unit awarded by the Shatou Street Chamber of Commerce!

At the party, there were various wonderful performances, and the young Faret girls were filled with energetic dances for the party.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang Jianfa, the chairman of the group, Faret has continued to thrive and self-innovate. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the Faret Group has emerged, creating one after another industry miracle and leading Faret to a new height.

Faret contributes to charity


If you are good at water, you will have no love. It is always the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to be good at charity and help the poor. Since its inception, the Faret Group has made its due contribution to the auto parts industry. While revitalizing the regional economy, it has made efforts to fulfill the social responsibility of a corporate citizen, not only to pursue corporate profits, but also to develop and grow the company. Participate in social welfare activities with practical actions, and feedback the society and return the society with practical actions. The Faret people will always be grateful! The glory of the past has passed, and every Faret person must not forget the original heart and continue to work hard to contribute to the revitalization of the real economy!